Home Health Care Nursing: Nurses Who Come To You

When someone returns home from the hospital after an illness, injury, or other medical issue, home health care nursing can help them return to health faster and with fewer hassles. Also known as visiting nurses, home care nurses come to the patient’s home and help care for them. In some case, they may help provide physical therapy, assist with personal care, and ensure that the patient is doing well enough to remain at home.

In the past, many doctors and nurses traveled to patients’ homes when they were sick or injured. Today, hospitals and doctors’ offices provide much of this care, but the need for home care continues. Some people may find it difficult to leave their homes because of mobility issues. Others may prefer having a doctor or nurse visit them and still others need care at home after returning from the hospital.

Home healthcare nurses often work within a team of medical professionals to give their patients the best possible care. Nurses communicate with physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals about the patient’s history, condition, and care. The nurse reports back after visits so that treatment can be updated and so that the correct level of care and supervision is provided for the patient.

One form of that many people are familiar with are hospice nurses. These nurses visit the homes of those with chronic illnesses and help care for them in their last days. Hospice nurses provide valuable support for family members who may feel overwhelmed in the face of providing constant care for dying individuals.

However, you don’t have to have a terminal illness to receive care at home. Many doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses are choosing to visit patients’ homes when needed. Some specialize in this service, spending most of their time in homes rather than in a doctor’s office. As the population ages, it is likely that this practice will continue to grow as the need for elder care grows.

If you have a loved one with a terminal illness, chronic illness, or a recent hospital stay, you may benefit from having a home healthcare nurse visit your home and help with your loved one’s care. Home health care nursing provides you and the patient with much need support and information about various conditions and treatments. Talk to your doctor or hospital to find out what home services may be available in your area.

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